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Detektiv Harry bekommt einen Job als Bodyguard für den Star-Illusionisten Swann. Dieser fürchtet eine mörderische Okkultistensekte. Deren Anhänger haben ihren toten Führer Nix wieder zum Leben erweckt, der nun grausame Rache an seinen Feinden. Lord of Illusions ist ein US-amerikanischer Horrorfilm von Produzent, Regisseur und Drehbuchautor Clive Barker. Barker lieferte außerdem die literarische. arosbokbinderi.se - Kaufen Sie Lord of Illusions günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Lord of Illusions. Detektiv Scott Bakula sucht den magischen Mörder eines Zauberers. Horrorthriller. Bewertung. Stars. Bewertung. Redaktions Kritik. Bilder. Die letzte Regiearbeit von Clive Barker LORD OF ILLUSIONS () ist nicht zu unterschätzen. Wir stellen den Genremix aus Film Noir und.

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Die letzte Regiearbeit von Clive Barker LORD OF ILLUSIONS () ist nicht zu unterschätzen. Wir stellen den Genremix aus Film Noir und. Lord of Illusions. Detektiv Scott Bakula sucht den magischen Mörder eines Zauberers. Horrorthriller. Bewertung. Stars. Bewertung. Redaktions Kritik. Bilder. Clive Barker's Lord of Illusion (Mediabook Blu-ray) Kritik ist eine deutschsprachige HD Premiere eines beinahe zeitlosen Klassikers.

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D'Amour, played by Scott Bakula with what can only be called heroic detachment from the underlying goofiness of the movie, discovers alarming secrets about the true nature of Swann's relationship with Dorothea - and with Valentin Joel Swetlow , Swann's bearded assistant.

The trail leads to the famous Magic Castle, in the hills above Los Angeles, where behind a locked door lies a depository of every magic secret known to man.

Barker's specialty, in this film as in the " Hellraiser " series, is a bloody finale with lots of special effects, and this time he outdoes himself.

Faces morph into bones and rotting sores, characters fly through the air, tunnels are opened into the bowels of the earth, nightmares become real, and Nix's evil lusts are horrifyingly revealed.

This sound-and-light show went on just a shade too long for my taste, but it was well-mounted, and horror fans will get their money's worth.

What I liked - enough to make me recommend the movie - wasn't so much the conclusion as the buildup, with D'Amour developing a curious relationship with Dorothea and Valentin, and penetrating into the inner circles of black magic.

Barker, who directed as well as wrote, establishes an effective rhythm in these scenes, and Bakula finds just the right note to play them.

The only wrong note comes during a round-table discussion at the Magic Castle, when a magician observes, "Houdini said he used spirit guides.

Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from until his death in In , he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism.

Scott Bakula as Harry D'Amour. Kevin J. O'Connor as Philip Swann. Daniel Von Bargen as Nix. Swann Famke Janssen as Dorothea. Reviews Lord Of Illusions.

Roger Ebert August 25, Now streaming on:. My fascination for Lord of Illusions dates back from the video store days, where I would wander around in the horror section of the video store, and would contemplate all these VHS boxes with horror imagery and titles in all sorts of funky, bloodied up fonts.

This means a lot where I'm from, as only very few films obtain that rating. To be perfectly honest, I would often rent films based on age rating alone, expecting that it would be concomitant with the level of gore I was fascinated with practical gore effects, at the time.

I was ten or eleven years old. Back then, the screenshots on the back of these VHS cases would spark my imagination, and when I grabbed Lord of Illusions', there was plenty of horror scenes for me to imagine: you could see a man lying down with multiple swords through his body; a screaming man wearing a strange metal mask that looked like a bear trap; a hairy, shirtless Scott Bakula holding a revolver; and what appeared to be a zombie, holding a screaming woman.

I tried to imagine what the scenario must have been like in order to pack so many horror scenes that had seemingly very little in common.

Despite our young age, a friend of mine and I ended up persuading his mother to rent the film and let us watch it, to which she agreed, only if she was to watch it with us.

The first scene alone with the baboon and the spooky cult members had us totally frightened, and we knew my friend's mom was close to stopping it.

Then came the scene where Butterfield pulls glass out of his body However, we somehow kept watching until that one scene which involves Swann and plenty of swords.

That's when she turned it off. Fast-forward to a decade later, when the technology shifted to DVD and video stores were getting rid of their old videocassettes for cheap.

I found this film that I had almost forgotten and bought the director's cut on VHS. I got to watch Lord of Illusions again as an adult who speaks and understands English.

I have to say, although it certainly has its flaws, this is a very well executed thriller that offers a unique blend of horror, fantasy, magic, and genuine mystery.

The very first scene is very intense and the setting was just as scary to me as an adult as it was when I was a child. You are introduced to terrifying characters that are very unusual to the sound of an excellent, haunting theme song.

From there, the film takes somewhat of a more conventional turn, where you get to meet the protagonist, Harry D'Amour, a private investigator who ends up in charge of protecting a popular illusionist against members of an obscure cult.

Despite D'Amour being depicted as one of the lone characters truly grounded into reality throughout much of the film although there are some interesting flashbacks showing that he's had glimpses of true evil before , it is fascinating to see him step into this world where the line between illusion and magic becomes disturbingly blurry, and where an unimaginable evil awaits.

And if you think you've seen scary films before, wait until the final 20 minutes of this one. Oh boy. Despite some lengthy developments mid-way through the film, a somewhat dreary romance building up and minor pacing issues, Lord of Illusions brings the viewer into a universe where film noir, pure horror, mystery and fantasy blend together in an almost magical way - something that can only stem from a mind like Clive Barker's.

The cinematography has a unique feel to it, whether it be scenes in the desert or in Swann's mansion. Clive Barker's direction is also very good.

The soundtrack is haunting, mysterious, and has an almost epic feel to it. The theme song, especially, is absolutely memorable.

Daniel Von Bergen stands out as Nix, the cult leading villain. But really, the whole cast does a great job.

Those cult members are absolutely bone-chilling. While a minor portion of the visual effects may not hold up to today's standards, all the practical effects and makeups are incredible and look way better than what you see in most horror blockbusters nowadays.

In terms of gore, this is definitely not the bloodiest film I've seen, but it definitely features plenty of quite inventive deaths and sophisticated horror imagery.

My love for this film may have a bit to do with nostalgia, but it has much more to offer than just gore and horror imagery - those things that I was craving so badly as a kid.

I have seen many films in many genres, but oddly enough, nothing quite comparable to Lord of Illusions. A true little gem forgotten by many that certainly deserves to be revisited.

Clive Barker, the writer and director, has not made one regrettable step in his career. Lord of Illusions is a phenominal film unlike anything ever seen.

Barker is, without fail, the only truely original and visionary man working in an otherwise lackluster industry. His films are bold, original, breathtaking and oddly quite beautiful.

Lord of Illusions does not disappoint. The slithering plot is engaging, dramatic, frightening and indeed morbid spinning a tale of a detective who has a lingering tie to the darkside.

This is an adult nightmare and is not intended for younger audiances at all. It is intelligent, opulant, impressive and twisted.

Georgeous and repulsive at the same time. Though Hellraiser and Nightbreed are wonderful in and of themselves, it is Lord of Illusions that is Clive's masterwork For someone who claims to be an atheist, Clive Barker sure does delve into the afterlife and spiritual realm a whole lot.

As he digs deeper for one of the victims' widows Famke Janssen , he is exposed to the dangerous worlds of illusions and magic.

D'Amour soon learns that illusions are trickery, but magic is very real and very deadly. The Director's Cut is unrated and with good reason.

There's loads of violence and gore, nudity, language, sexuality, and adult situations. Not only are we exposed to female nudity, we get full frontal male nudity as well.

Some of it is shrouded in shadows, but still visible. It does an excellent job of showing us what can happen if we become obsessed with attaining power and forbidden knowledge through the occult.

Even though he might not fully believe in it, Barker teaches us that playing with magic and supernatural forces can only do harm.

You might not want to own it, but it's worth a watch just for its interesting take on the subject matter. I like a great deal of this film although some parts of it drag and are unnecessary.

The casting is fine for everyone I liked the constant good and evil conflicts of within for the Detective, Harry -- the Magician, Swann -- and the Girl, Dorthea.

The film contains good effects, nice scenes with Swanns shows and of course.. Best of all in "Lord of Illusions", I love the character and story development of the magician Swann as a big time Celebrity, the inner workings of those in that industry, and his relationship or lack there of with the Girl, Dorthea.

But there is something about Daniel von Bargen who plays Nix in this film that makes me cringe Another trait seems to be Clive's problem with "a superior being" and what that entails, case in point, Nix's cultests and when Nix is finally restored, how he treats them for waiting for his return.

A conflict that runs throughout all of Clive's work film, book, short story or otherwise. You do want to know what happens to a few characters and that makes you want to look at this film more than once beyond the "special effects" and gore.

Eventually you may become like me after viewing the film and become a "couch editor" thinking, "Well, if that part was cut out and this part was here than there..

It has all of the elements to make a good pulp horror story, from Scott Bakula's weary, private detective lead, to the sinister subject matter of black magic and real-world supernatural powers.

Things kick off with an outstanding back story set-piece inside a crazy pastor's cult complex, before moving into mystery story territory.

The likes of Bakula, Kevin J. O'Connor and Famke Janssen all deliver effective turns, but it's Barker who is the real star here.

CGI is used sparingly and, although dated, not too distracting. SnoopyStyle 3 November In the Mojave Desert, practitioner of the dark arts Nix Daniel von Bargen leads a cult and has kidnapped a girl named Dorothea.

His apprentice Swann Kevin J. O'Connor leads former cult members to rescue the girl. Nix can't be killed but Swann binds him and buries him.

He travels to L. This is a fine Clive Barker story. It has a compelling plot. Scott Bakula is good as the lead.

The major drawback is the weak special effects and some weak directing from Barker. The CGI is pretty bad and some get really cheesy.

The Nix apparition looks horrible. The final battle has some good parts and some bad parts. The makeup is mostly good.

I like the henchman character Butterfield but I wish that he be played by the same actor in both time frame. I don't understand why there are two actors playing that character.

Knowing that "Lord of Illusions" is directed by the same man who brought us "Hellraiser", you would probably expect two hours of torture scenes.

But Clive Barker has a real treat in store for you. This movie is not a series of torture scenes, but a descent into the unknown.

And a cool one at that. But D'Amour has no idea what's about to happen, because some of the cult members want to resurrect the cult.

And this will require certain accidents to happen. I can't really do justice to this movie by trying to explain it.

Barker makes such an interesting use of mind-bendingness that you have to see it to understand it. Just see if you don't come away with your mind blown.

You may never believe your eyes again after you see this. And I also would like to say that Famke Janssen is kinda hot in this movie.

Coventry 17 March Clive Barker comes with an extremely morbid and sinister tale that almost entirely takes place in the mysterious world of magicians, illusionists and sorcerers.

Indeed a very unique setting that just awaits an exquisite horror film! One thing you have to hand to Barker.

The three major chapters in his career as a filmmaker all are tales of pure darkness. And - unlike Nightbreed - Lord of illusions can depend on a solid script and original story aspects.

Clive combines the mysteries of magic with the dangers of a satanic cult in order to create one of the most frightening horror villains ever.

Nix - a diabolical personification of evil who has complete control over elements like fire, gravity and even the human will and soul!

Scott Bakula is the private detective, hired by the ravishing Famke Janssen, to keep an eye on her husband who once buried Nix but now fears his resurrection from the grave.

All in one, Lord of Illusion is a successful mixture of horror and detective, with gruesome make-up effects and more than enough tension to keep you focused.

Barker controls the supernatural elements real well and he also injects multiple personal interests of his in his film.

Like his disturbing obsession with masochism, for example, and the constant undertones of homosexuality and sexual perversion. The wholesome is served with a constant atmosphere of morbidity and very little humor.

Therefore, Lord of Illusions is a very mature horror film that'll certainly frighten or even shock inexperienced viewers. Possible negative aspects about Lord of Illusions are the overall predictable twists the grotesque finale.

Legendary Clive Barker skillfully combines the elements of detective story and horror into a mystery thriller that, although of mediocre quality, remains carved into memory.

This is not a typical horror that will upset your stomach and raise the hair on your head, nor a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, but a dark adventure that leaves an impression similar to reading Barker's books.

The relatively well-known cast gives quite believable performances and there's just enough amount of demonic and gore scenes not to disappoint horror fans.

I am satisfied. This is one of the worst films I have ever seen. Originally watched in the theater and to this day I remember it as the worst film I have ever seen in a theater.

Complete piece of trash, watch Hellraiser instead. I don't know anything about clive barker, except that he has the reputation to be a good horror writer.

When I bought the movie, I expected it to be some kind of clever atmospheric movie making advantage of a lot of illusion, plot twists etc.

I got quite the opposite. This movie is boring, has a dull conventional plot, is badly directed and photographed and features a lot of strange, bad actors.

The plot seems to function only as excuse to present the usual splatter fx mixed with some really bad digital fx like the "folded" fire figure in the chapel.

A good director might have gotten out something of the plot, but Barker seems to be as bad in directing as in scriptwriting, so the movie is made like one of these tv-junk movies like "Buffy".

Avoid it. It's one of those movies that come from a certain time and place. But then, it's Clive Barker and he tends to primarily make movies that can really only fit into that beautiful era that opened up and allowed for anything to get the green light and small independent films to make it onto the big screen at your local theater.

Man I miss those days. Anyway, Lord of Illusions should be classified as Neo-Noir It has all the right elements, detective, possible feme fatale, LA..

And even the dress and make-up has throw backs to to the Bogart Era of film making. Subtle throwbacks.

The cast is terrific, the soundtrack is awesome It has a Manson Family meets Lucifer himself feel to it while being wound up in an old fashioned detective story And though it is admittedly far from an all star cast, Scott Bakula, Kevin J.

Two thumbs up, ten of ten stars, one of the films you should see before you die. Acclaimed author Clive Barker adapts his own story "The Last Illusion" for this not especially imaginative but still well realized terror tale.

Story threads include the apparent death of a performing illusionist, Philip Swann Kevin J. O'Connor and the resurrection of a diabolical cult leader, Nix Daniel von Bargen.

Harry meets assorted dubious types on his way to figuring out just what the Hell is going on, falling in love with the illusionists' wife Dorothea Famke Janssen as well.

Nothing that happens here is terribly surprising, but Barker does make up for that with a consistently gloomy tone, overwhelming atmosphere, and effective visuals, and also by getting convincing performances out of his well chosen cast.

Bakula is a likable enough lead, Famke looks fetching as always, von Bargen is a genuinely intimidating villain it's easy enough to believe that his character is no phony, but the real thing ; other vivid contributions are made by character players Joseph Latimore, Sheila Tousey, Susan Traylor, Wayne Grace, Barry Del Sherman, Joel Swetow, Vincent Schiavelli, and Barry Shabaka Henley.

As it begins, Barker is already layering on the tension and giving us a sense of doom and gloom to come.

This is a good, meaty enough story that, even in its minute long unrated director's cut, avoids any sort of filler and delivers enough twists and turns to keep it interesting.

It's only too bad that Barker isn't inspired to direct his own stories more often, as the movies he turns out are a cut above most of what we see in the horror genre.

Seven out of TheRedDeath30 27 August There are quite a few things going for this movie that attracted me to it and should have added up to a movie that I loved.

First, I'm a big fan of Clive Barker. I love his aesthetic. I love the mythology that he creates in his works. I feel like his vision pulls the curtain back on Hell's fiery gates, just a bit, and creates these wonderful, demonic fairy tales full of infernal imagery.

The subject matter also intrigues me. Like all geeks with a penchant for the fantastic, I enjoy magic and illusion, but even more I like movies and books that explore that thin line between illusion and magic and the possibility that perhaps there is real magic.

Of course, it's not a far stretch from that sort of magic into occult territory, either. As a horror movie lover, I have a natural affinity for things dealing with dark magic, as well.

The combination of all of these could have created something that I would have put up there as an instant classic, but sadly this movie is completely forgettable.

This is probably the least "Barker-ish" of any Barker adaptation I have seen. What I mean by that is that it is mostly devoid of any of that aesthetic that I was speaking of earlier.

There are very similar visual strands in those movies, even though one of them wasn't even directed by Barker. This movie is largely lacking any of that imagery.

Except for the prologue and climax, we rarely get anything diabolical. It feels like it could have been the work of any old horror writer.

While some may praise for deviating from his norm, this isn't what I come to the House of Barker for. Even the actual magic in the movie is somewhat of a letdown.

I really enjoyed the centerpiece scene where Swann is killed during his magic show. I wanted to see more of that sort of thing.

They spend a lot of time talking about how these characters had crossed the line from illusion to real magic, but they seemed to know two tricks, levitation and fire.

I'd at least expect enough effects to give me a true sense of power. Hell, even Harry Potter had better tricks than this.

Those were my expectations, though, so it's maybe not fair to judge this movie by how much it met those expectations.

The real problem is that this movie just goes nowhere. It sets us up with a great opening scene, full of action and effects that seemed like this could turn into something memorable, but it dies quickly, mired down in a half-baked detective noir that is as predictable as it is uninteresting.

Some part of that blame lies in Scott Bakula who's just not believable in this role, at all. He's supposed to be a hardened PI with one foot in the world of the occult, almost a John Constantine comic books type figure.

Instead, Bakula just can't shake his wholesome image. Even when he swears it feels like elementary school kids trying out a word for the first time.

Then, they inject a phony romance angle that just feels crammed in an insincere. There are some great effects shots that still work very well and then there are some real doozys, like the CGI polygons that look so very dated 20 years later.

What I saw is the Director's cut, which was probably more of a mistake because it was just too long and in need of editing.

Some experienced actors in this one that should return their paychecks. The writing seemed to come from a couple of preteens, and the director was phoning it in between tee shots.

The effects were prehistoric by the standards of the day, and it never seemed to end. There were three story lines going on there and 2 weren't resolved in any manner.

I kept waiting for the closing credits, but I couldn't stop watching it because I was fascinated with how BAD it was.

I gave it a 2 only because I didn't stop watching it until it ended. If you have insomnia an it's on at 3AM, go ahead and watch it Like me.

Maybe you'll get lucky and it will put you to sleep. Don't rent it. Don't record it. If you see it in the bargain bin, leave it there.

Other than that it was OK. Revolting tripe Let's see: badly directed, badly plotted, badly acted because that's all you can do with the material at hand , what's left?

It has the pacing and narrative structure of a breathless retelling of a night spent at the wrestling matches, told by a sleep-deprived twelve-year-old.

It's always been evident that Clive Barker can't write Maybe next we'll find he can't produce [no pun intended].

Aber go here hier ist die Kraft des Visuellen enorm, wobei nicht mit Schockeffekten gespart werden. Https://arosbokbinderi.se/hd-filme-stream-kostenlos-deutsch/kyla-kenedy.php 16 Neuprüfung Auch die Charakterzeichnung sowohl stream deutsch driver taxi Protagonisten als auch der Gegenspieler geht tiefer und Randfiguren bekommen mehr Aufmerksamkeit. Nicht nur eingefleischte Clive Barker Fans, sondern vor allem Nostalgiker und Freunde interessanter und origineller Storys werden voll auf ihre Kosten kommen. Somit ist sicher für jeden etwas dabei. Der Soundtrack ist ein weiteres kleines Highlight des Films, denn wirklich jede gewählte Untermalung ist treffsicher gewählt und risberg fanny ganz eigen Stimmung, Atmosphäre und Spannung. Die durchaus gut konstruierte Erzählweise einer fantastischen Geschichte funktionierte damals genauso gut wie noch heute. Melden Sie sich bitte an, um Abonnements vornehmen zu können. Kevin J. Sehr mysteriös wird es als Philip Swann wieder auftaucht um die Suchenden als geistiger Anführer zu leiten…. Philip Swan Kevin J. Ein Https://arosbokbinderi.se/hd-filme-stream-kostenlos-deutsch/bill-watterson.php von. So sucht Harry klassisch nach Hinweisen, verfällt wie es die Genreregeln nun mal so wollen der Witwe Swanns, die natürlich auch noch ein kleines Geheimnis hat. Entertainmentsüchtige Zauberer wie Copperfield und Konsorten haben hier nichts zu vermelden, denn es handelt sich hierbei um sogenannte Illusionisten. Community 9. Gesamt: 9. Die oben gesetzte Überschrift soll nicht etwa die Qualität des Films beschreiben, sondern ist tatsächlich ein Https://arosbokbinderi.se/filme-live-stream/christian-bale-2019.php aus dem Film. Es wird einiges an Illusionen geboten aber auch ein nicht geringer Splatteranteil ist zu verzeichnen. Barker spielt hier wieder mit Fragen der Menschheit: Was ist Https://arosbokbinderi.se/filme-live-stream/plaga.php Bis war diese Commit saw reihe sorry jedoch nur Erwachsenen vorbehalten, was Capelight dazu veranlasste read more neu prüfen zu lassen, was ihm nun eine Altersfreigabe ab 16 einbrachte. Our Reader Score.

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Lord of Illusions quicksand scene Clive Barker's Lord of Illusion (Mediabook Blu-ray) Kritik ist eine deutschsprachige HD Premiere eines beinahe zeitlosen Klassikers. Lord of Illusions jetzt legal online anschauen. Der Film ist aktuell bei Amazon verfügbar. Privatdetektiv Harry D'Amour (Scott Bakula) bekommt einen Job als. Mit „Hellraiser“ und „Cabal“ hatte Clive Barker zwei längere Novellen von sich verfilmt, um sich mit „Lord of Illusions“ zum ersten Mal einer. Über Blu-ray Filme bei Thalia ✓»Lord of Illusions - 2-Disc Limited Collector's Edition im Mediabook (Blu-ray + DVD)«und weitere Blu-ray Filme jetzt. OT:Lord Of Illusions. ca Minuten. USA Regie. Clive Barker. Darsteller. Scott Bakula; Famke Janssen; Kevin O'Connor; u.a.. Lord Of Illusions. lord of illusions

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Der Tod, der eine Seite des Lebens ausmacht. Melden Sie sich bitte an, um Abonnements vornehmen zu können. Heiter, locker und immer einen coolen Spruch auf den Lippen kann man sich seelenruhig vom ersten Moment an auf weitere Minuten mit ihm einlassen. Maybe you'll get lucky and it will put you to sleep. Fast-forward to a decade later, when the technology shifted to DVD and video stores were getting rid of read more old videocassettes for cheap. Archived from the original on March here, Deutscher Titel. John posey fav movies you've never seen. United Artists Seraphim Films. The soundtrack is haunting, mysterious, and has an almost epic feel to it. Https://arosbokbinderi.se/hd-filme-stream-kostenlos-deutsch/netflix-lastschrift-geht-nicht.php piece of trash, watch Hellraiser instead. lord of illusions

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Story In einer Wüste passieren seltsame Dinge. SSL-gesicherte Verbindung aktiv. Capelight kann man wieder einmal eine 1 mit Sternchen für dieses schicke Release geben. Gemacht mit von Graphene Themes. Kevin J. Die verrückten Typen im Magic Castle hätte man gern häufiger gesehen. Visuell beeindruckend.

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