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Gegen Ende des Ersten Weltkrieges soll eine Truppe britischer Soldaten unter dem Kommando eines traumatisierten Offiziers einen verlassenen deutschen Bunker durchkämmen. Dieser wurde gebraucht für mysteriöse Bio-Experimente und was die Soldaten. The Trench - Das Grauen in Bunker 11 ein Film von Leo Scherman mit Karine Vanasse, Rossif Sutherland. Inhaltsangabe: Nordfrankreich, , am Ende des​. Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "The Trench - Das Grauen in Bunker 11" von Leo Scherman: Es müssen nicht immer die Nazis und der Zweite Weltkrieg sein. In dem Horrorfilm The Trench - Das Grauen in Bunker 11 müssen Soldaten zum Ende des 2. Weltkrieges in den Bunkeranlagen der Deutschen gegen Zombies. Trench 11 (). Originaltitel. Trench FSK. keine Angabe. Regie. Leo Scherman. Darsteller. Karine Vanasse · Rossif Sutherland.

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Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "The Trench - Das Grauen in Bunker 11" von Leo Scherman: Es müssen nicht immer die Nazis und der Zweite Weltkrieg sein. Trench 11 Film - Kritik "Trench 11" reißt im Kriegs-Zombie-Genre keine Bäume aus und bewegt sich gerade in narrativer und charakterlicher Hinsicht auf​. - Kaufen Sie The Trench - Das Grauen in Bunker 11 günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und.

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Trench 11 Movie Review (Spoilers After Initial Thoughts) Learn: 1st World Problems More info Bunker style movie. Shaun Benson. Movies I've Seen In: On his way to an important meeting, his elevator gets stuck. It almost feels like it's REC series, only not found footage style. trench 11

It's a terse and effective film. But there were many other wars and one in particular that became rather vicious. WWI offered some of the first uses of chemical warfare with mustard gas.

It also presented the blood filled soil of trench warfare where soldiers literally climbed from the trenches only to be gunned down.

So when a new movie came out involving this war I wondered how it would turn out. The Germans have realized that their loss is inevitable.

They also know that if certain atrocities are discovered the tribunals will treat them harshly. One such location is a series of tunnels in which experiments were being conducted.

The intended demolition of these tunnels failed and they are now sending back a detachment along with the crazed scientists in charge of the facility to finish the job.

At the same time the allies are aware of the tunnels as well, just not what was taking place inside of them.

Led by a British officer a group of US Army men accompany him to find the tunnels and take back the discoveries they find there. As part of their group they've taken on Lt.

Benson, an expert on the tunnels the Germans have left behind. Benson has just recently survived every tunneler's nightmare: the last tunnel he was in buried him and those he was with alive and he was forced to dig himself out.

Things move along as good as can be expected with the allies making their way to the tunnels before the Germans arrive. As they begin to explore they are attacked by a crazed German soldier still remaining in the tunnels.

He's not normal though and they wonder just what they've stumble upon. Searching they find maps of the tunnels showing that these were far more extensive than they expected.

A confrontation among the men takes place as they argue whether to go deeper or return to the surface, the leader wanting to gather all intelligence he can.

The point becomes moot when the Germans arrive and take them prisoner. The leader of the group intends to do nothing more than blow up the tunnels.

His plans involve taking the information with him before they leave, ignoring orders to destroy it all. The question remains though, what exactly is down here in the tunnels?

What experiments were they doing? And why are there zombie like German soldiers still roaming the tunnels attacking any and everyone who comes down?

Will the tunnels be destroyed or will those within escape to wreak havoc on the world? The film is fairly low budget but for a budget this small they still accomplish quite a bit.

No doubt the sets were turned and shot from different angles to make them appear as if they were never ending.

But the concept of being in the dark in a tunnel with little more than a small flashlight or lantern to provide light while a marauding menace could be just around the corner is a bit unnerving.

The acting here isn't the best but it isn't the worst I've seen either. It falls somewhere in between with some actors doing better than others.

None will stand out in the end or likely list this film on their resume as one to write home about. And yet they pull off enough of a performance to make it believable.

The effects money here was spent more on explosions than makeup of gore effects. That being said a few of the gore sequences will whet the appetite of the horror fans who expect it.

In the end the movie isn't all that bad. I've seen some truly rip the film to shreds and after having sat through some tremendously bad movies that were actually painful to watch this movie was heads above those.

A decent story, some acceptable effects and a few good performances make this one an easy one to watch. Will I watch it a second time?

Not likely. But if you're looking for something different in the horror genre then this one might do the trick for an afternoon.

AndyVanScoyoc 25 February Tired, overdone subject Germans experimenting on people. Dark in some places Honestly, that was really all I found wrong with it.

A NICE casting ensemble Many films like this I've seen, the cast is clumsy and seemingly not comfortable with one another, making it obvious they're together just to make a movie.

Definitely worth a watch. I won't be adding it to my collection, but watch it and enjoy it because, believe me Another Bunker style movie.

And while I do have a heart for them, there is one major ingredient missing here, that would make it really good. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's bad, I'd say it is decent, but without any real charisma from our main characters, the connection between the viewer and the "heroes" is missing.

There are a couple of stabs at giving at least one of them a bit of a backstory it's the "expert" in underground tunneling , but it's not enough to make us care too much.

We know that something is seriously wrong with a bunker like that. Especially when Nazis are involved.

I can see the effort behind this movie, and it kind of looks ok for a low budget project. But as it goes on it just fails at everything with an exception being probably some of the acting and some of the practical effects, which are good for a low budget movie.

There are so many things that could've been improved without buffing the budget. The bunker itself doesn't project any claustrophobia, it's very wide and clean; even though the uniforms represent the time period everyone looks like an actor, a model, instead of a soldier of the Great War ending.

There is no suspense, the mystery dies off very fast, some of the scenes are shot incompetently. I mean, isn't the art of moviemaking after all like squeezing the most out of your opportunities?

I can go and re-watch the original Terminator and still enjoy it, and Cameron had no budget to back that up as well.

This is a good example of a movie that felt great in the director's mind and on paper, but crumbled when they started bringing it to life.

In the final days of WWI, an allied army unit led by a shell-shocked soldier is sent to investigate a mysterious abandoned German facility located deep underground.

What they find is fate worse than death. Yes another bunker style war horror with the Germans doing experiments again.

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Priests performs an autopsy on the deceased man and discover the man's body is full of worms and is responsible for his insane and violent behavior.

Priests concludes the worms are not natural and were engineered. Pronger and Kelly stage a mutiny and demand they leave the bunker which ensues a standoff between them and Jennings.

Priests prisoner. Berton and Cooper discover an exit but are also taken prisoner. After losing his tunneler to the infected whom they needed to reactivate the charges , Mueller decides to recruit the group but Dr.

Priests refuses to cooperate. Reiner, who was eavesdropping the whole time, singles out Dr. Priests for interrogation. Kelly's health deteriorates and becomes sick.

Reiner interrogates Dr. Priests and tries to get him to relate to his twisted view on science. Priests figures out the worms were meant to kill allied livestock but jumped species to infect humans.

In turn, Reiner reveals that he marveled at the results and deliberately bred more deadlier strains. Mueller escorts Berton, Cooper and Kelly into the lower levels where the charges is located but Kelly succumbs to the parasite and kills Cooper.

Berton shoots Kelly and holds Mueller at gunpoint, but stands down after Mueller convinces him that the parasite will kill everyone if it ever gets out.

Priests desperately tries to reason with Reiner not to use parasite for the sake of civilian lives, but Reiner remains adamant in using the parasite to destroy Europe and rebuild it under German rule.

He then tortures Dr. Mueller and Berton locate the charges and learn that the explosives were never rigged in the first place.

After killing Dr. Priests, Reiner orders his men to seal the lower level and flood it with poison gas and begins to collect his parasites.

Mueller and Berton are forced to flee and find another way to detonate the explosives. Berton tries to rig the explosive to a clock timer for a remote detonation but an infected soldier attacks them, breaking Mueller's leg and destroying the clock.

Unable to move, Mueller stays behind and gives Berton time to arm any remaining explosives and escape. Berton finishes and reaches for the exit, but is shot in the leg by Reiner and his guard.

Reiner then mocks and tortures Berton, who endures it to distract Reiner and his guard long enough for Mueller detonate the explosives.

The explosion catches both of them off guard, which allows Berton to kill the guard and engage Reiner in a brawl. Reiner attempts to flee but Berton trips him; resulting in his eye being impaled by a vial in his hand.

The tunnel collapses on Reiner while Berton barely escapes. Berton limps away from the site and sees a vision of his lover Veronique.

Development of the film begin in by producer Tyler Levine and his production company Carousel Pictures. Tyler partnered with Buffalo Gal Pictures to recruit various well known Canadian film crew.

The crew includes Chad Giesbrecht production designer , Dylan Macleod cinematographer , Francois Dagenais special makeup effects artist , Michael Munn film editor , Martin Katz executive producer , Walter Gasparovic executive producer , Phyllis Laing executive producer , and Isaac Clements co-producer.

Production of the film began in late and was shot in Winnipeg , Canada.

The Cloverfield Paradox. In den Warenkorb. Luke Humphrey. Sei der Erste und schreib deine Meinung continue reading Trench 11 auf. Shaun Benson. CHF It Here the Sands Red. Jeff Strome. Bitte geben Sie eine gültige E-Mail Adresse ein. Das könnte dich auch please click for source. Trench 11 Als der britische Geheimdienst von einer hochansteckenden biologischen Waffe erfährt, die den Krieg für Deutschland in letzter Sekunde wenden könnte, sendet er sofort ein Einsatzkommando hinter die feindliche Linie. Doch was sie dort vorfinden, übertrifft all ihre Vorstellungen und wird in einem in Blut getränkten Schlachtfest enden. Nutzer haben source diesen Film vorgemerkt. Visa-Nummer .

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TRENCH 11 Official Trailer (2018) World War 1 Rossif Sutherland Action Horror Movie HD Trench 11 Film - Kritik "Trench 11" reißt im Kriegs-Zombie-Genre keine Bäume aus und bewegt sich gerade in narrativer und charakterlicher Hinsicht auf​. - Kaufen Sie Trench 11 günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen. - Kaufen Sie The Trench - Das Grauen in Bunker 11 günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. The Trench - Das Grauen in Bunker 11 - DVD mit Rossif Sutherland, Robert Stadlober, Charlie Carrick online bestellen auf In einer Bunkeranlage finden englische Soldaten am Ende des Ersten Weltkriegs ein Biowaffenlabor, wo auch noch eine Überraschung auf sie wartet. I enjoyed watching this movie. Rossif Sutherland. The Germans have realized that their loss is inevitable. Well, no. Attacks perpetrated by infected German soldiers boast some top notch gore effects including a gruesome shotgun blast through a just click for source, cadaver sawing, painful nose biting, and a squirm inducing machete to the anklesbut these bursts new stream flashy violence are few and far. Neu ab 6. Benson, an expert on the tunnels the Germans have left. After killing Dr. Trench 11 macht nie einen Hehl daraus, like vorschau unter uns that es hier weder um Figuren noch Geschichte geht more info dass man ohne viel Experimentierfreude einfach alle Stationen des typischen DobГі kata besucht, die im "Drehbuch für Anfänger"-Guide stehen. Schenken Geschenkkarte Online-Gutschein. Die Charaktere des Films sind wandelnde Stereotypen, go here im Idealfall minimalen Hintergrund und düsen mit offensichtlich gefakten britischen Akzenten durch die Gegend. Bewerte 0. Nutzer haben sich diesen Film vorgemerkt. Jeff Strome. Moviebreak empfiehlt. Der Link wurde an die angegebene Adresse verschickt, sofern ein zugehöriges Click Libris-Konto vorhanden ist. Red Sands. Https:// Wallace Dunkeld. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Trending: Meist diskutierte Filme. Passwort vergessen. The Prodigy.

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