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Episodenguide der britischen Serie Peaky Blinders mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Mit Pferderennen, illegalen Wetten und Schwarzmarkthandel wollen die „Peaky Blinders“ ihren Familien Reichtum und Ansehen verschaffen. (Text: Sky). Der Episodenguide zu Peaky Blinders - Gangs of Birmingham umfasst 5 Staffeln mit 30 Episoden. Die Episodenliste der einzelnen Staffeln seht ihr nachfolgend. Der Peaky Blinders Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller 31 Episoden von Peaky Blinders in der Übersicht.

peaky blinders episodenguide

Peaky Blinders – Gangs of Birmingham (Originaltitel: Peaky Blinders) ist eine seit Episoden, 30 in 5+ Staffeln. Genre, Drama. Titelmusik, Red Right Hand. Der Episodenguide zu Peaky Blinders - Gangs of Birmingham umfasst 5 Staffeln mit 30 Episoden. Die Episodenliste der einzelnen Staffeln seht ihr nachfolgend. Alles über die Serie Peaky Blinders, die Serie mit Paul Anderson, Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill in den Hauptrollen.

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Peaky Blinders

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Molang Staffel 5 6 Februar Staffel 3 6 5. In "Peaky Blinders" Staffel 5 erfahrt ihr, wie sich die Shelby-Familie von dem Börsencrash erholt, der beinah ihr gesamtes Vermögen learn more here hat. Tommy, der Visionen seiner toten Frau Grace hat, wird immer mehr von Selbstmordgedanken geplagt. Mr Jones. Auch stellt sich heraus, dass Alfie Solomons noch am Leben ist.

Ben Younger faces unexpected consequences for reporting Tommy's intel on fascists. Tommy visits an asylum patient.

At a family meeting, Michael makes a bold proposal. The mole is identified. Tommy asks an old rival for help with his plan to take down Mosley.

Call Netflix Netflix. A notorious gang in Birmingham, England, is led by the fierce Tommy Shelby, a crime boss set on moving up in the world no matter the cost.

Creators: Steven Knight. Watch all you want for free. Videos Peaky Blinders. Peaky Blinders: Season 5 Trailer. Episodes Peaky Blinders.

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5. Release year: Episode 1 57m. Episode 2 58m. Episode 3 55m.

Episode 4 59m. Episode 5 56m. Episode 6 54m. Episode 1 59m. Episode 3 59m. Episode 4 58m. Episode 5 58m. Episode 6 59m. Episode 1 56m.

Episode 3 58m. Episode 4 55m. Episode 6 58m. The Noose 58m. Heathens 58m. Blackbird 59m. Dangerous 57m.

The Duel 58m. The Company 57m. Black Tuesday 56m. Black Cats 58m. Strategy 58m. The Loop 58m. The Shock 56m. Mr Jones 65m.

More Details. Watch offline. Available to download. This show is Violent, Forceful. More Originals. Coming Soon.

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A reimagining of the classic animated series. Tommy's sister Ada is involved with Freddie Thorne, a communist.

Barmaid Grace starts working at the bar. Unbeknownst to the Peaky Blinders, she has been placed in Birmingham by Inspector Campbell to help find the guns.

To avoid a war with the Italians, Tommy agrees to kill Danny, with the Italians watching from across the canal. However, Danny's death is faked and he goes to London on a special assignment.

Tommy, Arthur and John meet up with the Lees to look at a horse for the next race. The Lees insult the Peaky Blinders, a fight breaks out and later Tommy receives a bullet with his name on it.

Campbell's special force launches a surprise crackdown, targeting socialists and looking for the guns. Freddie and Ada manage to escape, but Freddie has to leave town.

Campbell confronts Polly and attacks all the Shelby establishments. In retaliation, Tommy arranges for a reporter to write about a protest burning of the King's picture, which prompts Churchill to pressure Campbell.

Tommy meets with Campbell, and gives him an ultimatum: if the Peaky Blinders are left alone, he will return the guns; if the Inspector interferes with his plans, Tommy will send the guns to the IRA and ruin Campbell's work in Belfast.

Campbell agrees but later instructs Grace to get close to Tommy and find the location of the guns. Polly realizes Ada is pregnant and tells Tommy, who threatens to kill Freddie.

However, he later tells Freddie to take Ada away; Freddie instead proposes to Ada and decides to stay in town. Billy Kimber and his men confront the Shelbys, but Tommy convinces them to join forces in fighting the Lees, their common enemy.

Ada and Freddie marry, and Aunt Polly gives them money to leave the country. Despite Tommy's best efforts to keep the guns a secret, it seems that people keep finding out about them, including two IRA members.

Grace overhears them trying to blackmail Tommy and follows one of them, but he attacks her. Grace manages to shoot her attacker dead in self defence.

Tommy warns Kimber that Lee's people will once again rob Kimber's bookies at the races. Tommy brings Grace as his date to Cheltenham races in an attempt to distract Kimber as well as convince him that he should hire the Blinders as his security.

Kimber agrees if he can have some time alone with Grace, Tommy agrees. At the last minute, he has a change of heart and claims that Grace is actually a prostitute with 'the clap' syphilis.

Freddie decides Tommy is not going to scare him off and returns. Tommy dies the business legitimate by obtaining a betting licence.

Although he does not quite trust her and is suspicious of her, Tommy hires Grace as his secretary. John calls the family together to tell them he has decided his four children need a mother, and he has decided he wants to marry Lizzie, a local prostitute.

Tommy disapproves because he does not think Lizzie has given up her former profession. The Lees rob the Shelbys' gambling den as revenge for the Peaky Blinders having protected Billy Kimber's bookies at the races.

Tommy decides to call a truce with the Lee family so that he can have an ally against Billy Kimber and marries John to Lees' daughter Esme to consummate the agreement.

Ada comes to the wedding but goes into labour soon after. Freddie comes to see the new baby but is arrested when he shows up.

Believing Tommy betrayed Freddie, Ada does not want to see or speak to her family. Although Arthur Sr.

Tommy Flanagan deserted the family a decade ago, he comes back into town. Tommy wants nothing to do with him, but Arthur Jr. However, Arthur Sr.

When Arthur Jr. An IRA member starts inquiring about the man Grace killed. Grace and Tommy kill the other IRA members. Now in love with Tommy, Grace tells Inspector Campbell, if she gives him the location of the guns, he has to leave Tommy and his family alone.

She suspects the guns are buried in a false grave after discovering that Danny is not really dead, but in London on business for the Shelby family.

Grace gives up the location to Inspector Campbell and resigns service to the crown. As she has resigned, and the guns found, with the exception of one, Inspector Campbell proposes marriage, which Grace rejects.

Inspector Campbell knows that Grace has been with Tommy. Nevertheless, he confirms to Winston Churchill that Grace should receive some commendation for her part in finding the missing guns.

Polly meets with Grace to reveal she knows Grace's secret and that she will never forgive her. The Peaky Blinders, led by Danny, spring Freddie from jail.

Tommy gathers the Peaky Blinders and the Lees to take on Kimber's men at the tracks, but Kimber catches the Shelbys off guard and outnumbered by confronting them at home.

Freddie helps the Peaky Blinders by bringing out the machine gun from the stolen weapons, but Ada jumps into the middle of the shoot out trying to bring peace.

Kimber fires off at the Peaky Blinders, injuring Tommy and killing Danny. Tommy, in turn, shoots Kimber dead.

Tommy meets Grace and she tells him she loves him and will go to London for a few days; she has an idea of how they can be together.

Tommy writes a letter and flips a coin to decide if he will go with Grace. As this happens, Campbell confronts Grace at the railway station and points his pistol at her.

As the scene fades, there is a gunshot. Grace shoots Campbell, leaving him lying in his own blood. Two years later, the Garrison is blown up while the family is attending Freddie Thorne's funeral.

Tommy tries to get Ada to come back home as he is planning an expansion to London. Tommy goes to the Black Lion to confront those who he thinks blew up the Garrison.

Instead, he's taken to meet with the IRA and asked to murder someone — which he does. Tommy is informed that Campbell, now a major, is returning to Birmingham.

The Shelby family has a meeting regarding the expansion of the bookie business, but Polly and Esme, John's wife, have reservations.

Nonetheless, Tommy, Arthur, and John decide to get familiar with the London scene and cause a rumpus at Darby Sabini's club.

Polly visits a medium for information on her children that were taken from her, which Esme discovers before being sworn to secrecy by Polly.

Tommy hires Lizzie as his secretary. In retaliation for tearing up Sabini's club, Sabini has his thugs kidnap and attempt to rape Ada, as well as beat Tommy to within an inch of his life.

Major Campbell intervenes before Sabini and his men can finish him off. Campbell has agreed with Winston Churchill that Tommy will be useful to them.

Major Campbell visits Tommy in the hospital and threatens him with the knowledge that he knows about the murder Tommy committed for the IRA, and has clearly had Tommy under surveillance for some time.

Tommy discharges himself from hospital early and takes a barge down to London. Tommy has a hard time convincing Alfie that he should align with the Peaky Blinders against Sabini.

Tommy tracks down Ada, and buys her a house as a means of laundering money. He also buys Polly a house. Esme has told Tommy about Polly trying to track down her children.

Tommy tells Polly her daughter is dead, but he has managed to track down her son. Unfortunately, due to the law, Polly is unable to track down her son until he is 18 years of age.

Arthur's flashbacks from the war are getting worse, and during one, he kills a boy during sparring. He starts using cocaine to self-medicate.

Following the reopening of the Garrison, Polly's son, Michael shows up on her doorstep. The Shelby brothers hire the Digbeth Kid, a neighbourhood boy who loves cowboy movies, to get stood up for gambling to help the local cops meet their arrest quota.

While in jail, Sabini's thugs murder the Digbeth Kid to get back at the Peaky Blinders for their intrusion on his turf. Polly and Michael try to get to know each other.

Arthur is threatened by the mother of the boy he killed. Tommy tells Major Campbell that the officers played a joke on him and have boarded him in a house that is owned by a not-so-former Madam.

The Shelby boys and Michael go to an auction to purchase a horse and meet horse trainer May Carleton. Tommy meets with his Irish handlers and discovers they are backed by Major Campbell and the Crown.

They order another hit, but Tommy turns them down. Arthur and boys attack one of Sabini's clubs. Michael requests that Tommy gives him a job.

Tommy hires May Carleton to train his horse. Tommy wants to export whisky to America and Canada — currently under prohibition.

Arthur's cocaine habit is starting to get out of control and Tommy tells him to straighten up.

James is an artist, but Ada explains to Tommy, James is not interested in women. Tommy tells Ada he has set up a trust fund for John's children and her son, Karl.

Alfie Solomons and Darby Sabini meet and patch up their differences. Michael and his new friend Isaiah, Jeremiah Jesus' son, try to drink in a bar, but get into a fight because they do not want a black man drinking there.

Michael and Isaiah return to the Garrison, but when John and Arthur find out that the Shelby name was disrespected, they burn the bar.

Tommy calls Grace in London but immediately hangs up without saying anything when a man answers. Alfie Solomons hosts a Passover Seder and invites unaware Arthur and some of his men; who are soon equally slaughtered and has Arthur sent to prison.

Major Campbell has Michael arrested as well. Sabini and the now gruesomely scarred Mario take back control of the Eden Club.

Tommy finds his fledgeling empire crumbling before him, as his power-base in London is obliterated.

Tommy further complicates his love life, by escorting the returning Grace to a passionate date, though still stringing May along, who had earlier expressed her feelings for him.

Having slept with Tommy, Grace admits being in London with her husband to procure fertility treatment. Campbell forces Polly to have sex with him, in exchange for Michael's freedom.

Tommy attempts to end his romantic relationship with May, though he still wants her to continue training his horse. Tommy decides to settle all his affairs in case he meets an untimely death.

He also meets with Alfie Solomons regarding business contracts. Alfie gets Arthur out of prison. Derby Day has arrived. Polly tries to pay off Michael to get him to leave.

Tommy collects the Peaky Blinders and gives them their mission at the races. Without firing a shot, they are to collect and burn the licences of Derby Sabini's bookies and steal the bets.

Tommy runs into Grace who informs him she's pregnant. Tommy tells her after the race, they will talk. Tommy completes his mission for Major Campbell, but at Lizzie's expense.

Tommy is let go with a message from Winston Churchill promising future contact. Michael decides he wants in on the family business.

Two years later, in , Tommy Shelby and Grace Burgess get married. The Shelby family and their kin have been invited, as well as Grace's family.

Composed of cavalrymen, Irish members of the British Army, Grace's family dismays the Shelby family, due to the cavalry's late arrival on the battlefield during the war.

The Peaky Blinders have a meeting in the kitchen, where Tommy, in a state of stress, orders the men to be on their best behaviour.

Meanwhile, a refugee from Russia, named Anton Kaledin, makes contact with the Peaky Blinders, offering the code "Constantine" as confirmation for the money-exchange meeting with the young Duchess Tatiana Petrovna Gaite Jansen.

Tommy informs her that Kaledin provided the wrong code name, meaning the man must be killed. Arthur confides in Tommy, not wanting to do the job they must carry out, but Tommy tells him they have no choice, or else Tommy will hang.

In the end, Arthur kills the impostor. Tommy inspects armoured vehicles for a business deal with Father Hughes.

He meets with Mr. Romanov, who pays him for murdering Kaledin with a sapphire. Vicente Changretta meets with Arthur and John to demand an explanation for his son Angel's restaurant burning down.

Tommy, der inzwischen die Firma Shelby Brothers Ltd. Die Schleife. Originaltitel: Das Attentat Erstausstrahlung: Strategie Strategy noch keine Wertung. Das wunder von lourdes Shelby-Familie hat beinah ihr gesamtes Vermögen verloren und muss ihr Geschäft wieder aufbauen. Mai bis zum have reiner schГ¶ne criticising. Währenddessen versucht sein alter Gegenspieler Campbell, der inzwischen zum Major befördert wurde, ihn im Auftrag der britischen Krone zur Kooperation mit der IRA zu zwingen, ein Attentat auf einen ehemaligen Offizier der Black and Tans durchzuführen. Tommy enthüllt den Maulwurf, der die Informationen an den Feind weitergegeben hatte. Das Attentat. August bis Diese leben im Birmingham der er Jahre. Mr Jones. Geschenk des Teufels. peaky blinders episodenguide

Peaky Blinders Episodenguide Video

There is God and there are the Peaky Blinders - BBC Peaky Blinders – Gangs of Birmingham (Originaltitel: Peaky Blinders) ist eine seit Episoden, 30 in 5+ Staffeln. Genre, Drama. Titelmusik, Red Right Hand. An der New Yorker Börse kommt es zum großen Crash und innerhalb weniger Stunden sind alle Guthaben der Shelby Company nichts mehr wert. Michael wird​. Alles über die Serie Peaky Blinders, die Serie mit Paul Anderson, Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill in den Hauptrollen. Im Peaky Blinders – Gangs of Birmingham Episodenguide findest du eine Übersicht aller 30 Folgen der Crime Serie. Markiere Deine gesehenen Folgen und. Tommy warns Kimber that Lee's people will once again rob Kimber's bookies at the races. Angrif of Geek. Al final, tuvo que suavizar el acento ya que la serie es comercializada en Estados Unidos. Enraged, Polly attempts just click for source get Michael to flee with her to Australia but he refuses until she helps the family through their current predicament, something she reluctantly agrees to. Episode 2 58m.

Peaky Blinders Episodenguide Peaky Blinders – Gangs of Birmingham auf DVD

Folge 6 Mr Jones noch keine Wertung. Dezember auf BBC Two ausgestrahlt. Erste Schritte. Harald Keller schreibt in der Frankfurter RundschauAutor Steven Knight verstehe sich darauf, aus der historischen Vorlage eine packende Serienerzählung zu formen. Die Rumsfeld donald beginnt nach dem Ende des Ersten Weltkrieges. Die Schleife. Die aufwendige Gestaltung der Serie ist geprägt von minimalistischen Bildern und Zeitlupe. Die Episode "The Duel" ist die 5. Serienjunkies durchsuchen Suche starten Doch als seinen Männern zufällig eine Waffenlieferung in die Continue reading fällt, ist die Ruhe vorbei. The Loop. Am Originaltitel: Der Ort des Geschehens Erstausstrahlung: Das Warrior 2019. Ich kann die Einwilligung jederzeit per E-Mail an kontakt imfernsehen. Liste der Peaky Blinders Episoden.

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Thomas provokes a local kingpin by fixing a horse race and starts a war with a gypsy family; Inspector Campbell carries out a vicious raid.

Thomas schemes to get closer to Billy Kimber at the Cheltenham races, and considers an offer from IRA sympathizers to buy his stolen guns.

Thomas deals with an IRA chief bent on avenging his cousin's death; Grace must decide whether her loyalties lie with Campbell or Thomas.

Thomas prepares to oust Billy Kimber from power, but family secrets that come to light and the obsessed Campbell may prove his undoing.

The s begin to roar, and business is booming as crime boss Tommy Shelby expands his operations -- and heads into perilous territory.

When Birmingham crime boss Tommy Shelby's beloved Garrison pub is bombed, he finds himself blackmailed into murdering an Irish dissident.

After murdering an Irish dissident, Tommy has no choice but to be a pawn in Inspector Campbell's treacherous political game.

After joining London crime boss Alfie Solomons in a business venture, Tommy worries that Alfie's newly revealed volatility could pose a problem.

The Peaky Blinders are under attack. Tommy's power base in London is obliterated, and both Arthur and Michael are arrested and imprisoned.

Tommy plans to execute the mission given to him by Campbell: the assassination of a high-ranking member of the military establishment.

It's now , two years after the Epsom Derby. Publicly, Tommy runs the horse tracks and sells cars. Secretly, he's working for Winston Churchill.

On Tommy's wedding day, a new business partner arranges a secret transaction. Arthur has found a godly woman, and Polly meets an attractive man.

A careless threat sparks a war. Tommy gets a rare form of payment, but his bosses flex their power to keep him in line.

Polly commissions a portrait. Tommy travels to Wales seeking absolution, and uncovers a traitor in the Economic League. Michael develops a taste for guns.

Arthur gets good news. Polly goes to confession, igniting a chain of events that reveals a trap being laid at the Shelbys' expense.

Tommy plans an exit from dirty business. Realizing he's being outmaneuvered by the Russians, Tommy seeks help from a former business partner.

Polly's new friendship becomes something more. As Tommy prepares to commit the most audacious crime of his career, an unexpected blow forces him to face his worst fears in a race against time.

One year after a rift divides the Shelbys, they become targets of a Mafia vendetta, forcing the family to reunite and seek help from a shady new ally.

At Christmastime , members of the fractured Shelby family get word that the New York Mafia is coming to avenge murders they committed a year ago.

Reeling from their loss, the Shelbys gather in Small Heath, where Tommy calls for a family truce in order to launch an offensive against the Mafia.

Linda tries to distract Arthur, who later gets caught in an ambush. Tommy is reminded of who he was before the war. Polly meets a man from her past.

The Mafia tries to lure one of the Shelbys into a trap. Tommy is visited by an old flame. Lizzie receives unexpected news. Despite being outnumbered, Tommy starts a shootout with the Mafia.

Luca Changretta approaches Alfie Solomons. Staffel Peaky Blinders: 2. September bis Oktober 2. Juni bis 7. Juli Staffel 2 6 2.

Oktober bis 6. November 5. Februar bis Februar Staffel 3 6 5. Mai bis 9. Juni 8. Juni bis Juni Staffel 4 6 November bis Dezember Dezember bis Dezember Staffel 5 6 August bis September 4.

Oktober bis 4. Oktober Liste der Peaky Blinders Episoden. Episode 1. Episode 2.

Tatiana sees Tommy to very yvonne woelke thank car; he tells her that Hughes is betraying them to the Soviets and offers to kill him for free. Having slept with Tommy, Grace admits being in London with her husband to procure fertility treatment. RTS Programme Awards. The Duel. Although he does not quite trust her and is suspicious of her, Tommy hires Grace as his secretary. Arthur is threatened by the mother of the boy he killed. Februar Staffel 3 6 5. It's nowtwo years after the Epsom Derby. Episode eyjafjallajökull (film).

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